Our team - two man in passion to develope games. One from big-damn-game-development industry (if you need details - welcome). Second guy with a very exotic profession, which "each seventh day" fly on the chopper over the islands and cities. Honestly, I even envy. My days - is a days of static body ingrown into the chair. I'm a man of constant sorrow (laughing).

So... we work together, not so long as I want. But, I want say to my fate "thank you" for meeting with Hmt. I think that if somebody can help to craft and create Project Serenity - this is definitely this guy. In my life I often say "thank you" and often believe in good fate and good result of my projects. Because without faith ... we'll just go on living in complete ass. This is inglorious fate of many real and cool indie developers without any penny in purses. While on the developers heaven not borned a new star. Star of Your attention and sympathy. For these developers. For these games.

We work day on the our regular works to be able to care about our families, and only one time of day remains for the work. Evening and the night. Hmt are good family man. And I can't understand how he doing that, how he can work well on the two jobs. Because I'm like dancer on the edge of the knife, balancing between divorce and very strange life which never remind me something normal.

Of course in case like this - we dream about full time work on the PSF. Hard to believe but we very want to be a normal. Normal days. Normal nights.