This is not a real store in the truest sense of the word. But if you, or your friends developers need high-quality game assets for your games and indie-projects - you can buy them. Very low cost of this assets can help you, and can help us - continue our work on the Project Serenity: Finder. Not a secret that our budget stay at zero mark.

We are determined to complete the game. Without external funds from crowd-funding, though, it will take a much longer development time and we will have to omit some features and content, especially inventory work, work with items, quantity of unique structures and buildings, "speaking heads" and etc.

Because game development is hard to predict (honestly, very easy predict what happen if we continue our work without budget, we already work by years), there may be long delays in our plan. We will keep everyone updated to make sure you know what we are doing and which phase we moving, what milestones we have already passed. You can see what we do in our development blog.