This place can be named as art-shelter. It is here we drag our graphic content. But only that we can show. Unpolished and ultra-sketched content you can see in development blog (he is coming in near future) and can be consumed only by real gurman which very interested in game development process and have immunity to "raw food".

Currently we stay on early stage of development. We have only a few test environments screens to see (for himself) and show you that we can receive from Unity3D engine. On this game screens you can see low amount of unique objects. It's one of our current tasks, one of our little personal challenge. With a minimal game-object investments, - recieve good and charm game image. Of course when we can gain something reminding a spirit of budget of game - we change course. Now we concentrate on the game-play aspects. That is why we not public the new screens.

For more fun in our dev-days we invited real people as prototype for game characters. Result of this seems a good and we think that be good develop this direction in near future. Many old and skilled (and sympathizers, of course) gamers send to us photo-references and i hope that soon we can see more new faces of citizens post-apocalyptic Idaho. This first trio is sketches of future "speaking heads".

One of the general aspects of game (one of the key features) is work with items and inventory. Objects in world of PSF not only icons and consumable or equipable objects. Many of them can tell story about themselves, about their previous owners. On early start you be are just a unior, man who don't know about past world nothing. You must learn. Read the manuals. Ask old humans. Craft and combine items. That is why we pay so much attention to objects of PSF world.