Only one type donation we can take from You, before you get the proof of our work. Your help with spreading the word about the game in case if you like our concept, art and first screenshots. We really need this support. Because without You we can't reach our goals and make full-functional game. This is not a joke. We only two fighters who trying make impossible things. Make a good survival simulator with elements of rpg, with high-detailed and charming Art. Like this already happened before, by great developers of the past, in great games of the past.

This is not clowning and not promotional program. Old traditions in truest sense of this word mean only one. We work with a great attention to details. Each meter, each element of GUI, each model, each line of code and word - all of this, like in big-damn-game-projects.

Thanks for visiting this part of site. If you come to look this - it means you do not give a damn. Thanks for this and for your time.