The game takes place in the state of Idaho, Boise. All that we have here - consequences of Carribean crisis 1962-th. Player is descendant of refugees which leave Boise and hide in mountains near Lucky Peak place to survive. Project Serenity: Finder (PSF) is survival simulation with elements of rpg game. For maximum effective actions you need eating, sleeping and care about himself. Searhing food, meds, supplies and ammunition - it's a normal day for man also known as Finder. But also you search stuff for other people. Your actions influence on the life of little villages which been in past one of the states of United States of America.

Main opponents at the moment - wild animals and people. Especially people. We want make game where you need well think before pull the trigger and shoot. Where good reason to survive - avoid contacts with other humans behind the line of village walls. The second enemy of each survivor - the Nature. Structures and buildings after long time become dangerous and unstable. Each ride in dead city - very dangerous adventure. You must look around and be very careful. Place where you go can be trap, can fall down and block the way back. Step by step you explore a new Idaho, survive and find ancient knowledges.

I don't like term of "Features"... so, just write what we want to do:

  - Couple large villages
  - Large dead city
  - Different game settings
  - Detailed game characters
  - Searching and examine items
  - Professions
  - Hunting
  - Crafting

Couple large villages. Territory of the former Idaho is large district full of dead buildings, swamps and jungles. As lonely lights in the night, on the body of abandoned and flooded by water lands of Idaho state huddled small settlements. Scanty and scattered, desperately clinging to the life the last bonfires of humanity. You can trade with this villages and towns, can try to change something, can try survive in those darkest days.

Large dead city. "Bos" (in past Boise-city) is very interesting and scariest place. When you go to the ruins you must know only one thing - each step can be last. City full of natural traps, wild animals and strange people and more than strange creatures. Good for you - avoid contacts and stay beware. Because often strange man - is bad man. Cannibals and feral people, rapid and violent animals, misterious creatures of lower levels of Bos - is all just a tip of iceberg. Of course most of all you heard about city are children's tales, but some of this rumors is true. What's real, and what's the legend - you discover by yourself. When time is come.

Different game settings. Territory of Bos are deserts, canyons, swamps and lakes, dead districts and places of new life. Different game setting serve the only one and very important goal - tell the story about beautiful and deadly dangerous places of post-apocalyptic world. Where world like a painting of crazy color-blinded painter which one eye saw the diversity and wealth of new, the future world.

Detailed game characters. Bored game character - are dead game character. In my opinion, better for game, make fewer count of people, but the best in terms of quality and detailed story of this people, than do the lot of faceless "markers" with names and with opportunities trade with you.

Searching and examine items. Items in PSF not a toy and not trading inventory icons. World full of items and different stuff. You can use this stuff for craft, for read and examine, for learn and for fight. Item can telling the story, item can be target of hunt of different people. Item can save and can kill owner. Item can be sold, exchange, disassembled into parts and can be crafted into the new object.

Professions. When you start - you are just a man with couple skills. You can learn, by himself or you can learn with help of mentors. Of course each skill have a price. And this price not a cash. You must earn knowledge. Until you become a journeyman - your fate pick up the crumbs from the tables of smart and clever people. And one more thing - you never can learn a reading skills or tech skills if you killed 1000 rats.

Hunting. To eat well, and have ingredients and survive - you need to be able to hunt.

Crafting. The world is full of garbage and debris of its former greatness. For reach a richness you need a recipe of crafting different items. Part of this items can be easy crafted. But most of the really effective things is a secret. You Finder. You know how to get to the truth. If you're lucky - you can find a place in this world.